How's your day going+ ? 

We're currently performing the Dirty Faced Church CD in northern Germany and, in between funking that rootsy rock, we're in the thick of w r i t i n g new songs...

Sometimes I think I see sparks flying off of Bernd's fingers, coming out of Jockel's ears while he produces his magic music ideas with us, and Peter starts smokin' and I start jumping around squealing... sigh  We love it.  

Rumours are we are moving towards not only a recording of a new song, but a video as well!

Keep tuned, and don't forget you can download and/or order the album in the Store on this website, and join our mailing list. You can also find the words to our songs (in english and german!) under "Lyrics". 

XO Loredda, (Jockel, Bernd, Peter)




Loredda Jacque Band Atelierkonzert unplugged

Geschlossene Gesellschaft, Kiel

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