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The LoJaBa is currently performing the Dirty Faced Church CD and new songs in northern Germany.   In between funking that rootsy rock, this band is also in the thick of w r i t i n g new songs...

2019 will be a happening year... more live concerts with dancing & singing fans, responding to the 'jelling & jamming' improvisational abilities of an increasingly experienced band without the hiccups (say wa?!).  Moments of deep Berührung when both listeners and band jump on the waves of harmonies & move together, fall into the slightly surreal solos and hip-moving grooves offered by all four in-sync musicians... every time, a somewhat more special moment.

Please write anytime (here or on FB or Instag) with your feedbacks, it keeps things current and interesting and complete.  

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You can also find the words to our songs (in english and german!) under "Lyrics". 

XO And remember, 'take time for each other', 

Loredda, Jockel, Bernd, Peter


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